Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dual Revelation Premiere

Friday was the big night: the public unveiling of the new RTB documentary, Dual Revelation. A big thanks goes to our alma mater, Biola University, the M.A. in Apologetics and M.A. in Science and Religion programs, for sponsoring the event. They went all out for us!

Here we are at the VIP dinner that proceeded the screening. I'm on the right, my mother is next to me, with my best friend (and the Executive Editor at RTB) on the other side of my mother. Our daughter is the one looking at the camera. The character of the little girl in Dual Revelation is loosely based on her.

Here is our daughter with Jordan, the young actress who played the lead in the documentary. They even sort of look alike.

Robert Bontrager, the director, producer, writer, editor, of Dual Revelation is in the background talking to Spencer Scott, one of the actors in the film. Kathy Ross is in the foreground on the right conversing with one of the actresses and her husband.

After dinner, we walked over to the auditorium. People were already lining up for seats. It was unbelievable. I honestly wasn't sure anyone would come.

Robert Bontrager speaking to Hugh and Kathy Ross shortly before the screening.

A some-what blurry picture of the darkened theater. It was packed - 750 people. Praise God!

The DVD is now shipping. So place your order!

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Jenny said...

Liked the new doc-drama. After watching a number of these types of movies, I noticed that the drama element was something that really set this one apart from the others. Hope RTB continues to experiment with the concept. :)