Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sproul on Creation

Has R.C. Sproul changed his mind about the age of the earth? Some say so. Apparently, in a recently published volume he says the following:
In our time a considerable number of theories have arisen denying that the creation, as we know it, took place in six twenty-four-hour days. Common to these theories is the acceptance of the dominant scientific view that the earth and life on it are very old. Many consider the biblical account to be primitive, mythological, and untenable in light of modern scientific knowledge. (v. 1, p. 120)

As a Reformed Christian myself, Sproul's statements are disappointing on many levels. Traditionally, he has interacted with top-level scholars, but it seems as though he has been persuaded on this issue by less-than credible biblical and scientific scholarship. Sproul’s Calvinist bravado of intellectual courage and independence rings a bit hollow to me now.


Violin Mom said...

Wow... I was reading today's post and I followed the link to this one. This is disappointing to me, too. It turns out that right now we are considering attending his church on a regular basis. Not that this changes our minds, necessarily, but it is very disappointing to me.

Kevin N said...

As a Christian geologist, I am disappointed that Sproul has taken the young-Earth position. Rather than being a sound defense of the faith, YEC is pseudo-apologetics and needlessly drives scientists away from the faith.

A great book on the age of the Earth that has recently come out is The Bible, Rocks, and Time by Young and Stearley. It comes from a theistic evolutionist position, but it is the most thorough book on the topic yet written by Christian geologists.