Saturday, August 2, 2008

RTB Collection on Logos

Now that this announcement has been posted on the Logos web site, I guess I can let the "cat out of the bag."

If you use the Logos Bible software system, you may be interested to know that the collection of Reasons To Believe's books is now available for pre-order. Nine volumes for $100 (about $50 off what the price will be when the set is actually released).

Hugh Ross/Reasons To Believe Collection (9 Vols.)

These are all the titles published by NavPress. This collection does not include the RTB works published by Baker Books (such as Kenneth Samples' books, A World of Difference or Without a Doubt, or Dr. Rana's Cell's Design).

If you have never used a Bible software system before, I'd highly recommend it. It is an incredibly cost and space efficient way to build a wonderful library. It also greatly decreases the amount of time I spend fumbling around looking for specific quotes or resources. But be warned, it's highly addicting!

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