Sunday, May 4, 2008

OCHEC Highlights

Whew! I made it back from the statewide homeschool conference in Oklahoma (which is a very lovely state, by the way). My hosts were fabulous and it was a life-altering experience that I'm sure will bear fruit for years to come.

First and foremost, I want to humbly thank the Lord. He was clearly at work in this situation, from start to finish, making this opportunity happen right down to the smallest detail.

Thought I'd share some pics from the festivities. This was our booth at the show.

We have decided that one of the keys to having a successful booth at a conference is chocolate, water, and places for people to sit. People weren't shy about stopping by our booth to pick up some free chocolate or a cup of water. Then, it usually wasn't hard to get them to engage in a conversation about our organization - especially if you have the "gift of gab" like EG there on the far right.

We also had chairs where people could rest. And while they did, they could put on some noise-canceling headphones and watch our video documentary.

Two of our volunteers had the awesome privilege to give an afternoon seminar. They did a fabulous job. Here they are preparing for their talk.

This is Dr. MS giving his talk to a packed room. Hopefully, the talk was received well enough that we will get asked back next year.

Many more moms came by the booth this year than last, inquiring about our approach. That was very encouraging. Dialogging with them gave me many new ideas for tools I can develop for them for next year's conference.

Please pray that we will continue to make inroads in the homeschool community with the message of old-earth creationism. To God be the glory!

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havoc said...

Thanks for the great report! It's encouraging to hear that you were well received and treated with respect.