Monday, March 17, 2008

New Twist on Hobbit-Human Debate UPDATE

Update to a post I made a couple weeks ago: Dr. Fuz Rana from Reasons To Believe has a short podcast commenting on the human-hobbit research that you might want to check out.

"Tiny Palau Skeletons Suggest "Hobbits" Were Dwarfs," Science News Flash (March 12, 2008).

There are a series of related discoveries in addition to the one I reference in an earlier post. Dr. Rana covers them all. I found this discussion very helpful. He explains things in a pretty clear way. Enjoy!

UPDATE (4/24/08): Dr. Rana has a Today's New Reason To Believe entry for today talking more about the "hobbits": "Were the Hobbits Cretins?"

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