Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

I watched a DVD today that I thought some of you might enjoy incorporating into your teaching situation, especially those of you who lead science co-ops. It's called, Where Does the Evidence Lead? It's produced by the same people who did The Privileged Planet DVD and Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

Where Does the Evidence Lead? is NOT a new video. It's Unlocking the Mystery of Life broken up into six, 10-minute segments. The idea of this format is to provide teachers with a tool they can use as jumping off points for group discussion. These short, pithy introductions to the key ideas behind Intelligent Design philosophy would be appropriate for grades 7 and up.

Here are the segments:

Part 1. Life: The Big Questions
A new challenge to the theory of natural selection.

Part 2. What Darwin Didn't Know
Exploring the complexity of the living cell.

Part 3. Molecules and Mousetraps
Molecular machines that defy Darwin's theory.

Part 4. How Did Life Begin?
Why "chance" cannot explain the origin of life.

Part 5. The Language of Life
DNA genetic information, and life on Earth.

Part 6. The Design Inference
The scientific evidence for intelligent design.

You can watch a low-res preview on You Tube.

Happy teaching!

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Jenny said...

Yep, those two are pretty much just the same movies as far as content goes. I'm looking forward to seeing something new when they're one on the Cambrian Explosion finally comes out! :D