Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scientifically Confused Toys?

My eight-year old is greatly disturbed by this line of scientifically incorrect toys.

Fisher-Price® Imaginext Razor the T-Rex

She was quick to notice the incompatibility of a "caveman" co-habiting with a t-rex. She wanted to know if Fisher Price is owned by young-earth creationists.

Then, there's this equally confusing toy: Allosaurus.

At least this one has a more plausible scenario: ice age mammals co-habiting with early humans: Imaginext Thorn The Sabretooth

The problem in this case is that the manufacturer confusingly labels this as a "dinosaur" toy, which it is not. Sabretooth cats and mammoths are separated by tens of millions of years from dinosaurs.

These observations aren't life-altering, but I do wonder how many parents would even be aware of these inaccuracies. Could this be a sign of our scientifically uneducated culture? Or am I reading way too much into this situation?

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Jenny said...

:D The parents wouldn't notice any scientific inaccuracies. After all, they grew up watching The Flintstones!