Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Here is a fun little item for all of you backyard astronomers out there: had an interesting article on their site today. There is a total lunar eclipse visible next Wednesday evening (Feb 20th). For once, the timing is nice for those of us living in North America. In other words, it's not in the middle of night.

One of my colleagues at work calculated that the eclipse should begin at 4:35 PM (Pacific Time) and that the sun does not enter the dark part of Earth’s shadow until 5:42 PM (PT). The total phase of the eclipse runs from 7:01-7:52 PM. The moon starts leaving Earth’s shadow at 9:09 PM. The eclipse ends at 10:17 PM.

Here is a diagram of what a lunar eclipse even is (click to enlarge):

Here is just one of many lesson plans related to lunar eclipses available online.

Here is a drawing exercise for those students who can handle a ruler.

Have fun!


Rusty said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this! I usually find out about them after the fact.

GLMeece said...

The link is missing the "h" in "http://".

BTW, great to find an OEC site for homeschoolers. I usually have to do "damage control" after the fact with the co-op the kids are in. I'd like to do the science stuff more, but work precludes this and it falls to mom. She's great in biology, etc. (studying for a Master's degree in Nursing), but I'm the earth science/physics parent. I've had the kids listen to RTB's broadcasts and it's helpful, but glad you put this resource together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fix. Appreciate that. And appreciate your kind comments. Glad the site is helpful.