Thursday, January 31, 2008

Newish Origins Book

This book has just come to my attention. Anyone know anything about it?

Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design & Evolution
by Deborah B. Haarsma & Loren D. Haarsma
Faith Alive Christian Resources (2007)

Here is what the American Scientific Affiliation says about the book on its web site:
Their approach throughout is to reject evolutionism, an atheistic interpretation of the scientific data. The discovery of a scientific model for human origins would not eliminate God's action. In all the views presented in this chapter, God is the Creator of humanity. The differences among the views are in how God accomplished it. The Haarsmas say that this foundational belief in God as the creator and sustainer is at the heart of how they do science. And their hope is that approach will ring in their new book and resonate with readers. -- Calvin College Press Release. -- 255 pages, paperback.

Based on the excerpts available on the web site, this looks like it could be a wonderful resource for homeschoolers, in that it addresses many of the common objections to old-earth creationism that come up in creation science textbooks, but in plain english.

The book can be purchased through


Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning our book on your web site! The readers we had in mind for this book are Christians interested in origins issues who have not necessarily had any college science classes. For home schoolers, it should be good for those studying science at a junior or senior in high school level. (That would include younger students learning science at above their grade level.)

For students learning science at the middle school or freshman or sophomore level of high school, we'd recommend a different resource, "Fossils and Faith" by Thea Leunk.

Our book includes discussions of theology, biblical interpretation, some philosophy of science, cosmology, geology, and biology. We had experts in each field read drafts of the book before publication, as well has several non-experts (friends and family) read early drafts as well.

Two more things about the book which might help home schoolers: discussion questions at the end of each chapter, and associated web pages if you want to go into more detail on certain topics.

We hope and pray people will find this book helpful!

Loren Haarsma

Theology Mom said...

Mr. Haarsma (Great Dutch name, by the way!):

What an honor to hear from you. I hope to get a copy of your book soon so I can read it and possibly recommend it to more people.

Thanks for stopping by.

Theology Mom