Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coming Soon!

Just in case you didn't receive the Christmas mailing from Reasons To Believe, apparently they are coming out with a new small group study guide. So I did some investigating...

The goal is to introduce people to the old-earth creation position and some of its key biblical support. Hopefully, it will help people to get over their fears and bust some stereotypes about what we believe. Although the research in the study is based on the best conservative scholarship, it is written for regular people, not scholars.

Each lesson contains a Scripture study along with a video lecture. Although it is for small groups, it could easily be used in a homeschool or co-op environment. So if you want to introduce Christian friends to old-earth creationism, this is what you have been waiting for!

Please pray with me that God will use this humble attempt to open new doors of communication between Christians and maybe even lower some of the animosity between us. Also please pray that it will be released on time - in March.

UPDATE (4/29/08): Ok, so the study guide isn't out yet. But it really is coming - June 1. So look for it!

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