Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who's Your Grand-Daddy?

If you are at all familiar with the advances in recent years of using genetic studies to trace early human migration (discussed in the book, Who Was Adam?), then you might find it fun to know that technology is now available for you to study your family's genealogy! You can become a part of building a huge online Genebase.

Here is a link to a short news video about it from the Canadian Broadcasting Company: "DNA Ancestry Project."

I am thinking of getting the introductory kit as a present for my mom for her birthday. Seriously. There is a long-standing rumor in our family that we are actually Jewish, not Dutch, and that our ancestry was concealed in the "Old Country" because of anti-semitism and that there was some mysterious event that forced our family to immigrate to America. This kit would help solve that whole storyline once and for all.

The web site also includes a social networking component, if you're into that sort of thing.

I wish I could find the link to the news story I saw on (I think) ABC News last December, but it explained how the goal of the project was to actually reduce racism. The philanthropist zillionaire behind this endeavor is a member of the LDS church and he wants to show people that the genetic differences between races are so small that there should be no reason for us to use racism as an excuse for maltreatment of others. Kind of a noble goal, I think.

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Jenny said...

I love doing genealogy research and would be happy to work with any homeschoolers also interested! :D