Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Davies Commentary

Physicist, Paul Davies, had a very thoughtful op-ed piece in the New York Times this week.

"Taking Science on Faith"

Although I don't agree with everything he says, it's refreshing to see a scientist be candid about the limitations of the scientific endeavor, as well as not be afraid to explore some of its theological implications.

I believe that Davies himself is undecided on the question of the existence of a Creator, he does seem to believe in some kind of creative principle that stands beyond the universe. Many of his provocative perspectives are utilized by Christians as evidence for a Transcendent Creator.

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B Nettles said...

Thanks for the VERY interesting link. What struck me was this paragraph near the end: It seems to me there is no hope of ever explaining why the physical universe is as it is so long as we are fixated on immutable laws or meta-laws that exist reasonlessly or are imposed by divine providence. The alternative is to regard the laws of physics and the universe they govern as part and parcel of a unitary system, and to be incorporated together within a common explanatory scheme.

Davies seems to fall back into the very argument that he tries to oppose and strains mightly to avoid faith.