Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Dr. Fuz Rana at Reasons To Believe has been predicting this would happen for four years and here it finally is.

"Stem cell breakthrough defuses debate"
Scientists have created the equivalent of embryonic stem cells from ordinary skin cells, a breakthrough that could someday produce new treatments for disease without the explosive moral questions of embyro cloning.

Research teams in the United States and Japan showed that a simple lab technique can rival the complex and highly controversial idea of extracting stem cells from cloned embryos.

It was a landmark achievement on all fronts, defusing one of the most divisive debates in modern medicine and religion. It was lauded by scientists, ethicists and religious groups...

"It's a win-win for everyone involved," said the Rev. Thomas Berg of the Westchester Institute, a Roman Catholic think tank. "We have a way to move forward which ... brings the kind of painful national debate over this controversial research to very much a peaceful and promising resolution."

At the White House, President Bush, who vetoed two bills to allow federal funding for stem-cell research, was described as "very pleased."

"The president believes medical problems can be solved without compromising either the high aims of science or the sanctity of human life," said a statement from his press secretary... Read the rest of the story...

This is the best of all possible worlds - the potential use of stem cells to cure disease without the ethical violations. Praise the Lord! Hopefully, more researchers will get behind this and people like Michael J. Fox will stop insinuating that Christians oppose scientific research.

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