Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Science Gift Ideas

Since Christmas is coming, I thought it might be fun to post a few gift ideas. Feel free to add to the list if you know about something good.

Science t-shirts for kids (T-shirts make a great alternative to buying toys. Our daughter loves her dinosaur t-shirt and has worn it a lot more than she has played with certain toys.)

Snap Circuits Jr. (Our eight-year old has gotten a lot of enjoyment out of her electronic project kit.)

Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia (The best fossil reference book, in my humble opinion. It covers the entire history of life, not just dinosaurs.)

Walking with Dinosaurs (Discovery Channel DVD; And yes, there is some evolution in this series of videos. But if you can get past that, the other information and visuals are great!)

Walking with Prehistoric Beasts (Post-dinosaur creatures)

Walking with Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs (Oh boy! Permian creatures! This is what my eight-year old is wishing for this Christmas.)

Do you have a budding astronomer in the family? If you're thinking of buying a telescope, be aware that the space images you are used to seeing are generally from the Hubble Telescope. Through a home telescope, at best, you'll probably be looking at small fuzzy patches of light. But even so, stargazing can be an educational and fun family activity. Here are a few more tips: For best results, get a telescope that is a "reflector" (not "refractor"). Look for one with an automated star-finder. That will make the experience a lot more rewarding because you'll be able to find specific space bodies much faster. Also, get the one with the widest aperture (bigger is better) that you can afford. This one is very similar to the one we own. Wish we could have afforded this one.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

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