Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reasons Academy

Don't know what to do to prepare your high schooler to face the worldview challenges of college? Here is one idea...

I want to tell you about an exciting online program for homeschool students. It is called Reasons Academy and it is offered through Reasons To Believe.

The name of the course is, "Good Science, Good Faith." It is not a science course per se. Instead, it is an integration course which teaches students how to think about science in light of the Bible. The course is divided up into two 10-part units. The first half is about the young-earth/old-earth debate. The second half helps students think about creation/evolution issues.

Reasons To Believe monitors all of the students' work and maintains regular interactions with them. Classes are forming year-round, even during the summer. It is a high quality, one of a kind program that I can't recommend highly enough.

The new term starts in a couple weeks, so now is the time to sign up!!!!

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