Saturday, August 4, 2007

Teaching Symposium, Day 2

Another long day...

Now, I am thinking through how I can use the Explore Evolution textbook in in the courses I teach. Mostly, I am realizing how inadequate the content is in terms of addressing neo-Darwinism. It makes me wonder whether I need to split the course in two - one would deal with astronomical design and the other with biological evolution. (Aren't you fascinated to know this?)

Probably the best piece of information I gained today was Jonathan Wells' recommendation for a high school and AP/college biology textbook. He said that although the texts still contain evolution, most of the "icons" have been removed or corrected.

AP/college: Campbell and Reese, Biology (7th edition)

High school: Campbell and Reese, et al., Biology: Concepts & Connections (5th edition)

If I can get approval from my boss, I will order samples of these texts soon. I am hopeful that using one of them, along with the Explore Evolution supplement, would make a great science course. I would love to finally have something useful to tell educators - whether they teach in public school, Christian school, or homeschool.


Rusty said...

Thanks for your comments on the symposium.

On another note, your Day 1 post caught the eye of The Thumb and, unfortunately for us OEC types, they're on to us - we've been exposed as (shudder) full blown creationists!

Sara said...

Speaking of fear (prev. comment) I looked at the link Rusty left here and, is it just me, or are these people more than a little nervous about exposing their children to another pov?