Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Poll

Thanks for all the votes in the last poll. Although a few of you are skeptical, the overwhelming majority of my readers right now seem to trust the results of mainstream science as long as they have reasonably been tested and confirmed.

Now, it's time for something new. Tell me what you think about the "big bang".

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Sara said...

Funny you should ask this. I was watching a show on black holes the other day and they had all these gorgeous pics of the universe taken by a telescope. I was thinking of how God created all that and how OEC made me look at God as more of an artist instead of how I viewed him when I was YE...more of a magician. The theological implications of those two divergent views, for me, is enormous. When God was viewed as a magician I couldn't understand why he would make me wait so long for something that was important when, for crying out loud, he could just snap his fingers and be done with it already. Of course, he *can* do that, but to see how long he took in order to have everything just right in the universe makes me realize that the changes in my own little sphere may take a lot longer than I would like but God's timetable for getting things done right is longer than mine.