Friday, August 10, 2007

Digging for the Truth

Lately, we have been enjoying watching episodes from season 1 of the History Channel program, "Digging for the Truth" (available for rent through The host, Josh Bernstein, acts like a modern-day Indiana Jones and investigates all kinds of archaeological mysteries.

I guess what I like about the show is that Bernstein for the most part investigates topics in a responsible, not overly sensational, way. And, of the episodes I've watched that deal with Bible-related topics, they haven't been overly liberal like so much of the programming of the History Channel.

If you watch this with kids, you'll have to pick and choose appropriate topics. We skipped the one on Mayan human sacrifice. But overall, it's a wonderful, family friendly, highly educational program that has prompted lots of discussions that have helped us exercise our powers of critical thinking. (What a concept!)

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