Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's Your Question Wednesday

Question of the week:
What science curriculum will you use for your daughters?

Personally, we like the Well-Trained Mind approach of focusing on a single-subject for the entire year, as opposed to doing six-week unit studies (which is what the vast majority of science curricula do, whether secular or Christian). This allows for in-depth study and repeated reinforcement aids long-term retention of the information.

In light of this, we have chosen to use Gravitas Publishing. (If you end up going this direction, make sure to purchase the Lab Manual, too. You'll need it.)
Year 1: Chemistry, Level 1
Year 2: Physics, Level 1

I noticed at the homeschool conference over the weekend that the author has now added a Level 2 Chemistry text. Apparently, more are on the way.

One note of clarification - although the Gravitas curriculum is frequently promoted by Intelligent Design web sites (who are generally Christians), it is NOT a Christian curriculum. It is completely void of any religious content. This omission might be viewed by some as a negative. The upside of Gravitas, however, is that the biology text doesn't promote biological evolution.

Next year, we are going to do astronomy. This is the core textbook we have chosen:
- Astronomy (published by Pearson/Prentice Hall)

Then, we will supplement with the following:
- Journey Toward Creation (DVD)
- DK Space Encyclopedia
- The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy
- Space: Magic Tree House Research Guide
- The Solar System
- Exploring the Universe
- Exploring Space: Scienceworks for Kids
- Learning About Our Solar System

After astronomy, we'll probably spend a year on earth science and the history of life. Maybe someday we'll get around to biology.

Have more curriculum questions? Full reviews of the major curriculum options are available through Reasons To Believe: Teaching Science from a Christian Worldview.

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Rusty said...

We've been using RealScience for several years now. I heard about it from a homeschool mom I met at an RTB conference. We're very pleased with it and our girls enjoy it immensely. Thanks for the other links - we'll be checking those out.