Friday, July 13, 2007

Christian Leaders Who Are Open to Old-Earth Creationism

Ever wonder if old-earth creationism is a weird view? It's really not. It's just not very common in churches or Christian homeschool circles (yet). But some version of old-earth creationism is the dominant view in seminaries, even the conservative ones. Here is a list of notable Christian leaders who have affirmed in writing that old-earth creationism is a legitimate position and not a compromise of Scripture.

John Ankerberg (author, Christian apologist)
Gleason Archer (Old testament scholar)
John Battle
Michael Behe
William Jennings Bryan (prosecutor in the Scopes "Monkey" Trial)
Walter Bradley
Jack Collins (Old Testament scholar)
Chuck Colson (author, speaker)
Paul Copan (author and researcher at Ravi Zacharias ministries)
William Lane Craig (prominent Christian apologist)
Norman Geisler (prominent Christian apologist)
Robert Godfrey (President of Westminster Theological Seminary, West)
Guillermo Gonzales
Hank Hannegraff (Bible Answer Man)
Jack Hayford (Pastor, author)
Fred Heeren
Charles Hodge (key founder of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy)
Walter Kaiser (Old Testament scholar)
Greg Koukl (Founder, Stand to Reason)
C. S. Lewis (Ever hear of this guy?)
Paul Little (author, Know Why You Believe)
Patricia Mondore
J. P. Moreland (prominent Christian apologist)
Robert Newman
Greg Neyman
Mark Noll
Nancy Pearcey
Perry Phillips
William Phillips
Mike Poole
Bernard Ramm
Jay Richards
Hugh Ross
Fritz Schaefer
Francis Schaeffer
C. I. Scofield (Ever hear of the Scofield Study Bible?)
Chuck Smith Jr.
David Snoke
Lee Strobel (author, Case for the Creator, etc.)
Ken Taylor (founder of Tyndale Publishers)
B. B. Warfield (key founder of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy)

Want to read the documentation? List of prominent Christian leaders who are open to old-earth creationism

This might be something good to pass on to a young-earth friend.

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