Sunday, June 24, 2007

Want me to speak to your homeschool group?

Let's pause for a moment of shameless self-promotion...

I am available to speak to homeschool groups and churches on issues related to science and the Bible (as well as other topics). I have put a link in the right column to my personal web site where you can find out more information about me, my beliefs, education, and a list of possible topics.

One of my specialties is speaking to church groups who are very suspicious about old-earth creationism and helping them see the biblical foundation for it. I also have a good talk (or at least I think it's a good talk) on Noah's flood.

God bless.


havoc said...

Wanna come to New Mexico?

Child of God said...

Sure! I'm up for that. I live in So Cal.

You can read my bio and list of suggested topics on my main web site at

I will speak in exchange for travel expenses (which seems to generally run between $500-$1000 depending how far I have to go and how many days I'm there) and a small stipend. I try to keep it as cheap as possible because I have found that most homeschool groups don't have a lot of money.

If you want to talk about this more, let me know. Take care.

God bless,